“Imagine getting a doctor’s appointment without waiting for weeks and weeks. Imagine feeling relaxed and not rushed while talking with your doctor. Imagine your doctor taking time to get to know you, not just your complaint. Imagine your doctor treating you, as a whole person, not just your condition or disease. Imagine yourself as radiantly healthy, not just disease free. Doesn’t that sound like a fantasy, ungrounded in reality? Read on.

I have gone to Shirley Olson for number of minor but irksome ailments. Each time she has deftly diagnosed them and prescribed an effective treatment plan. (In the past various doctors have minimized these types of complaints and spent very little time trying to resolve them.) Shirley took the time to figure out the root cause to not only solve the problem at that time, but to help me proactively prevent it from recurring. As she is being an expert technician, she is warm, kind, and compassionate. I would always leave her office feeling well cared for and confident of a quick resolution to the problem.

What sets Shirley apart is her focus on maximizing my health and well-being. To me health is not the absence of disease, discomfort, or complaints. Health is a radiant vitality, the capacity to fully engage in and enjoy life. While I will never be a star athlete, I want to be able to use my body to fully engage with life – and that includes vigorous activities. Shirley supports me and my goals; that is the essence of her practice.

Shirley runs a complete healthcare center, not just the doctors office. In addition to the gym, she offers biofeedback and many other services to numerous to list here.

I’ve written this out of my gratitude for the way in which Shirley turned my life around. I am an “older” adult whose health was declining. She has reversed that. I now feel vitality I have not felt in decades. I hope these comments have been of benefit to you, dear reader.”


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