Joining my practice will allow you to receive patient-centered care and enjoy many significant benefits not typically found in a medical practice today – which should translate into better health and vitality for you. I am very pleased to share this tailored approach to healthcare with you:

Direct Availability

  • Availability - You receive direct availability to us via clinic visits, cell app texting or calls, video visits, and messaging via patient portal throughout the year.
  • HIPAA Compliant Tools Remove Barriers - We do require clinic visits to establish care, but our HIPAA compliant telemedicine services and communication app help us to respond quickly to questions and concerns.
  • Small Practice Model - Our small practice size enables us to make you feel like our number one priority.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Services - Membership includes concierge services for supplements orders. Just call and pick up supplements or products bagged up and ready to go by staff.
  • Discounts - We also offer deeply discounted lab and supplement rates.


Functional Medicine Approach

  • Personalized – You are a unique individual, and therefore so is your treatment plan.
  • Root Cause Approach - This requires a deeper look and gathering more information than you may have experienced previously.
  • Natural Medicine - Our bodies require proper nutrients, exercise, and healthy stress management skills to heal properly.
  • Comprehensive - There are almost always multiple factors causing imbalances which create illness. We must address each one to create balance.
  • Cutting Edge - While using current research based methodologies to guide our journey to wellness, we are also forward thinking in how we approach the end result.

Personalized Treatment Strategies

  • Thorough Review – Our first objective is to obtain a full history and try to piece together what brought you to this place. During your initial consultation, we conduct a thorough review of your medical records and intake forms.
  • Your Story - Our functional approach looks at both the physical events as well as the life events such as stress and family circumstances that play a role in overall health and well-being. Like putting together a puzzle, every piece is valuable. This is why we look closely at your story.
  • Comprehensive Flexible Plan - A comprehensive plan will be presented to you which may include specialized or basic labs, imaging, or referral for needed screenings or specialist. We realize your financial concerns and busy schedule might need to be included as part of your plan and will be sensitive to this.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Tools

We offer wellness technology solutions including Muse and HeartMath for mindfulness-based stress management. You will receive guidance from our trained staff so that you can maximize your benefit.

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